C Vu 33.3 Errata

By ACCU Committee | 21 July 2021

There is a typographical error in Francis Glassborow's "Homework Challenge 4" (C Vu 33.3, July 2021) that made it past the editing process. The third sentence in the fourth paragraph should read "It is professionals, white-collar workers ..." and not "... white-colour workers ..."

The ACCU committee is investigating methods and procedures that can be put in place in order to avoid this type of error in the future. In this instance, we have corrected the error in the online version of the article, and in the ePub and PDF versions of the magazine. Unfortunately, the printed copy of the magazine had already been mailed to members when the error was found.

ACCU sincerely apologizes for the error and any offence that it caused.

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