2021 Annual General Meeting

By Robin Williams | 25 January 2021

We will be holding the 33rd ACCU AGM as an online meeting at 4 pm (UK time) on 17 April 2021.

Other important dates related to the AGM:

16 February 2021 Nominations/Proposal deadline
6 March 2021 Draft Agenda made available
20 March 2021 Final Agenda confirmation (and arrangements for attendance)
27 March 2021 Online voting opens

As usual, all posts are up for election. Any member can run for any post. If you are interested in standing for election to one of the committee posts, please contact me at secretary@accu.org, or any other committee member.

Current committee roles and members can be found here.
Short descriptions of the posts and roles can be found here.
(Login is required to access both links.)

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