Announcing ACCU's New Website!

By Jim Hague & Bob Schmidt | 12 September 2020

ACCU has rolled out our new website!

Four months in the making, and still very much a work in progress, the new website starts us on the path of moving away from our old host environment - Xaraya - to a more modern infrastructure - Hugo, Flask, and Python.

Jim and I have worked hard to export ACCU's incredible catalogue of content (C Vu, Overload, reviews) from the old site to the new, with new page layouts and expanded indexing methods. In addition, we now have direct links to our conference video collections.

The most recent updates to the website, the addition of C Vu 32.4, are present on both sites. Going forward, magazines and other new content will be posted only to the new website. All of the old material will continue to be accessable from the old website, so if something is missing in the new site, please go there.

The conference website has been re-integrated with the main ACCU website. We will have new conference content as we progress towards ACCU 2021 in the spring.

For now, membership information (and some other content) is still being maintained by the old website (now at, so if you want to create an account, modify, subscribe, or resubscribe to ACCU, please continue to use the old web site's interface. Rest assured your web team will continue to work to integrate membership maintenance into the new web site in the coming months.

Log-ins on the new and old site are independent, so for those pages that require login, you will need to log in on the particular site you are visiting.

Reporting Problems

As with any large conversion, we anticipate that our members may encounter problems with the new site, or discover something missing. To report issues, please use the following links:

  • To report a broken link, click here. Please don't report broken links in article references, except for ACCU links; there is not much we can do about those.
  • To report a missing page, click here. Some older content, such as older news, won't be ported to the new site, but we want to know what you think is important.
  • To report problems logging in, click here.
  • To report a membership problem, click here.
  • To report a website outage, click here.
  • Got a comment, complaint, or idea for improvement? Click here.

Also - in case you missed it - the Log Out button is at the bottom of the Members Only options at the bottom of each page.

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