Schedule for ACCU 2020 Published.

By Russel Winder | 25 January 2020

The conference programme committee is proud to announce the ACCU 2020 Schedule for the upcoming ACCU 2020 conference. We think it is a strong programme. We are happy that some speakers from years back have returned, last year speakers proposed again and that there are new speakers as well.

We have decided to move from our home grown conference application to Firebird’s conferencing application. This system has successfully been used by our organizer Archer Yates Ltd. for other events.

So the actual schedule is currently been published on Firebird’s system. Later we will mirror it to

This year we have all pieces in place. But as soon as something changes we will update the page.

People have already started registering for the pre-conference workshops and the conference itself – registering early is always good, especially for the pre-conference workshops.

The schedule can be found on Firebird, here.

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