Overload Journal 95 - February 2010

  • Overload 95 PDF

  • Back To The Future  WEB  PDF
    By Ric Parkin
    The last decade has seen huge changes. Ric Parkin looks at technology and its effects.

  • One Approach to Using Hardware Registers in C++  WEB  PDF
    By Martin Moene
    Testing increases software reliability. Martin Moene presents a technique for checking the control of hardware.

  • The Model Student: A Game of Six Integers (Part 1)  WEB  PDF
    By Richard Harris
    In how many ways can you combine a set of numbers? Richard Harris gets counting.

  • Simplifying the C++/Angelscript Binding Process  WEB  PDF
    By Stuart Golodetz
    Many systems provide a scripting language. Stuart Golodetz shows how to make it easier.

  • Quality Matters: Diagnostic Measures  WEB  PDF
    By Matthew Wilson
    How do we catch problems early? Matthew Wilson investigates the recls library.

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