Overload Journal 91 - June 2009

  • Overload 91 PDF

  • A Good Craftsman Knows His Tools  WEB  PDF
    By Ric Parkin
    Are you using the right ones? Ric Parkin looks in his toolbox...

  • Floating Point Fun and Frolics  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    Representing numbers in computers is a non-trivial problem. Frances Buontempo finds using them is hard, too.

  • On Management: The Business Analyst's Role  WEB  PDF
    By Allan Kelly
    Some management titles are poorly defined. Allan Kelly disentangles a knotty one.

  • Complexity, Requirements and Models  WEB  PDF
    By Rafael Jay
    Programs can be unnecessarily complex. Rafael Jay examines a technique for doing better.

  • An Introduction to FastFormat (Part 3): Solving Real Problems, Quickly  WEB  PDF
    By Matthew Wilson
    A good library must be useful in practice. Matthew Wilson looks at usability and extendability.

  • The Model Student: The Enigma Challenge  WEB  PDF
    By Richard Harris
    Codebreaking was instrumental to computing history. Richard Harris presents a simplified Enigma code for you to crack.

  • Boiler Plating Database Resource Cleanup (Part 2)  WEB  PDF
    By Paul Grenyer
    Timely disposal of resources is important. Paul Grenyer applies this to database access in Java.

  • ACCU 2009  WEB  PDF
    By Giovanni Asproni
    The 2009 ACCU Conference took place in March. The conference chair, Giovanni Asproni, provides a report.

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