Overload Journal 90 - April 2009

  • Overload 90 PDF

  • Back to School  WEB  PDF
    By Ric Parkin
    Much is made of the Knowledge Economy. But just how can you keep up to date?

  • Software Development in the 21st Century  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths and Marc Allan
    What's the future of software development? Alan Griffiths and Marc Allan have a timely look at recent experiences.

  • Testing State Machines  WEB  PDF
    By Matthew Jones
    State machines are a common design pattern. Matthew Jones seperates their concerns to make testing easier.

  • If You Can't See Me, I Can't See You  WEB  PDF
    By Stuart Golodetz
    Knowing where the doors are is only the start. Stuart Golodetz works out what he can see through them.

  • The Model Student: A Rube-ish Square (Part 2)  WEB  PDF
    By Richard Harris
    A rube-ish square embodies some simple group theory. Richard Harris explores its properties.

  • On Management: Product Managers  WEB  PDF
    By Allan Kelly
    Product Management is a poorly understood activity. Allan Kelly sheds some light on its mysteries.

  • An Introduction to FastFormat (Part 2): Custom Argument and Sink Types  WEB  PDF
    By Matthew Wilson
    A library should be customisable and have good performance. Matthew Wilson shows how to achieve both.

  • WRESTLE: Aggressive and Unprincipled Agile Development in the Small  WEB  PDF
    By Teedy Deigh
    Agile development is all the rage. Teedy Deigh introduces a popular variant.

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