Overload Journal 83 - February 2008

  • Overload 83 PDF

  • When Things Go Wrong  WEB  PDF
    By Roger Orr
    Can we reduce the pain of computer problems?

  • Letter to the Editor  WEB  PDF
    By Silas S. Brown

  • Watersheds and Waterfalls  WEB  PDF
    By Stuart Golodetz
    An introductory look at segmenting images into regions using a landscape analogy.

  • The PfA Papers: Deglobalisation  WEB  PDF
    By Kevlin Henney
    More history of Parameterise from Above as Kevlin Henney looks at Simpletons and the Borg

  • The Regular Travelling Salesman, Part 2  WEB  PDF
    By Richard Harris
    Richard Harris explores more of the mathematics of modelling problems with computers.

  • Testing Visiting Files and Directories in C#  WEB  PDF
    By Paul Grenyer
    Testing code that accesses the file system is not straightforward. Paul Grenyer looks at what is involved.

  • Generics Without Templates  WEB  PDF
    By Robert Jones
    Robert Jones presents an alternative implementation of C++'s std::vector that can be used the absence of templates and exceptions.

  • Future Workers (Prototype)  WEB  PDF
    By Allan Kelly
    What does it mean for IT workers to be prototype knowledge workers?

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