Overload Journal 77 - February 2007

  • Overload 77 PDF

  • The Power of Inertia  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths

  • Managing Technical Debt  WEB  PDF
    By Tom Brazier
    Software projects often cut corners in the rush to meet deadlines, resulting in bad code. Tom Brazier helps us to budget the cost of "doing it wrong".

  • Programming - Abstraction by Design  WEB  PDF
    By Nigel Eke
    Nigel Eke acts as a guide to aspect oriented programming using AspectJ as an example.

  • Exceptional Design  WEB  PDF
    By Hubert Matthews
    Hubert Matthews discusses some ways to design programs to use exceptions.

  • C++ Trivial Logger  WEB  PDF
    By Seweryn Habdank-Wojewódzki
    When a fully functional logging subsystem isn't the answer what does one do? Seweryn Habdank-Wojewódzki rolls his own.

  • FRUCTOSE - a C++ Unit Test Framework  WEB  PDF
    By Andrew Marlow
    Andrew Marlow describes the development of FRUCTOSE and how it is different from other unit test frameworks.

  • Letter to the Editor  WEB  PDF
    By Alexander Nasonov
    Alexander Nasonov writes more on singleton.

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