Overload Journal 75 - October 2006

  • Overload 75 PDF

  • Life in the Fast Lane  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths
    The ISO Fast-Track is paved with good intentions, but does it lead where we want to be?

  • Letters  WEB  PDF
    By Colin Paul Gloster and William Fishburne and Seweryn Habdank-Wojewódzki and Rachel Davies

  • Up Against the Barrier  WEB  PDF
    By Simon Sebright
    A discussion of development against the odds, describing process, personal and environmental barriers between the people and the job they are trying to do.

  • Inventing a Mutex  WEB  PDF
    By George Shagov
    A mutex is a general purpose tool - there may be better solutions in specific circumstances. George Shagov presents one such alternative.

  • C++ Unit Testing Easier: CUTE  WEB  PDF
    By Peter Sommerlad
    Peter Sommerlad presents a lightweight framework for C++ unit testing.

  • From CVS to Subversion  WEB  PDF
    By Thomas Guest
    Thomas Guest reflects on migrating his organisation's version control system from CVS to Subversion.

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