Overload Journal 62 - August 2004

  • Overload 62 PDF

  • Editorial: The Value of What You Know  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths

  • The Curious Case of the Compile-Time Function  WEB  PDF
    By Phil Bass

  • ACCU Mentored Developers XML Project  WEB  PDF
    By Paul Grenyer and Jez Higgins

  • Letters to the Editor  WEB  PDF
    By Renato Mancuso

  • Handling Exceptions in finally  WEB  PDF
    By Tony Barrett-Powell

  • From Mechanism to Method: The Safe Stacking of Cats  WEB  PDF
    By Kevlin Henney
    Source: cats, curling, exceptions

  • C++ Interface Classes - An Introduction  WEB  PDF
    By Mark Radford

  • A Template Programmer's Struggles Revisited  WEB  PDF
    By Chris Main

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