Overload Journal 34 - December 1999

  • editor << letters;  WEB
    By Aaron Ridout

  • XML  WEB
    By John Merrells

  • When's an object not an object?  WEB
    By Hubert Matthews

  • Uncounted pointers in C++  WEB
    By Alan Griffiths

  • The Diary of Bridget Jones the Weekend Before OT  WEB
    By Kevlin Henney

  • Software Architecture  WEB
    By Detlef Vollmann

  • SAX - A Simple API for XML  WEB
    By Steve Cornish

  • My Pet Project - Monopoly  WEB
    By Nigel Eke

  • Exceptions - The Details  WEB
    By Steve Cornish

  • Error logging and patterns  WEB
    By Steve Cornish

  • Editorial  WEB
    By John Merrells

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