Overload Journal 25 - April 1998

  • Overload 25 PDF

  • Editorial  PDF
    By John Merrells

  • Counted Body Techniques  PDF
    By Kevlin Henney
    Software Development in C++

  • counted_ptr{type}  PDF
    By Jon Jagger
    Software Development in C++

  • UML - Parameterised Classes (Templates) and Utilities  PDF
    By Richard Blundell
    Software Development in C++

  • (Almost) No Casting Vote, Standard’s Report  PDF
    By Francis Glassborow
    The Draft International C++ Standard

  • Generalizing Overloading for C++2000  PDF
    By Bjarne Stroustrup
    The Draft International C++ Standard

  • Irrational Behaviour  PDF
    By Graham Jones

  • Implementations & Interfaces  PDF
    By The Harpist

  • Debuggable new and delete, Part Two  PDF
    By Peter Pilgrim

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