Overload Journal 161 - February 2021

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  • In. Sub. Ordinate.  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    Mindless rebellion is mindless. Frances Buontempo encourages mindful consideration of when to refuse.

  • A Case Against Blind Use of C++ Parallel Algorithms  WEB  PDF
    By Lucian Radu Teodorescu
    C++17 introduced parallel algorithms. Lucian Radu Teodorescu reminds us we need to think when we use them.

  • C++ – an Invisible Foundation of Everything  WEB  PDF
    By Bjarne Stroustrup
    What is C++ and why do people still use it? Bjarne Stroustrup provides a short note answering these questions.

  • Test Precisely and Concretely  WEB  PDF
    By Kevlin Henney
    Tests can hit complete coverage but fail to communicate. Kevlin Henney reminds us that assertions should be necessary, sufficient, and comprehensible.

  • Afterwood  WEB  PDF
    By Chris Oldwood
    Think you’ve learnt it all? Chris Oldwood reminds us that unlearning then becomes our next problem.

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