Overload Journal 113 - February 2013

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  • The Good, The Bad and The Discordant  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    There are several signs of bad code. Frances Buontempo considers ugliness, stench and discord in a search for beauty.

  • ‘No Bugs’ Top Five C++ Cooking Recipes  WEB  PDF
    By Sergey Ignatchenko
    Developers often have a few favourite tricks for solving problems. Sergey Ignatchenko shares his five top recipes.

  • Utilising More Than 4GB of Memory in 32-bit Windows Process  WEB  PDF
    By Chris Oldwood
    Some applications require a vast amount of memory. Chris Oldwood presents techniques to provide extra memory.

  • The Signs of Trouble: On Patterns, Humbleness and Lisp  WEB  PDF
    By Adam Petersen
    Patterns can be a controversial topic. Adam Petersen considers their cognitive and social value.

  • The Open- Closed Principle (OCP)  WEB  PDF
    By Nan Wang
    Changing requirements and environments can require cascading changes through software. Nan Wang demonstrates how the Open-Closed principle can minimise changes

  • Secrets of Testing WCF Services  WEB  PDF
    By Steve Love
    WCF services provide middleware for applications but can be hard to test. Steve Love describes a way to develop a testable app.

  • Letter to the Editor  WEB  PDF
    By Jonathan Wakely

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