Overload Journal 108 - April 2012

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  • The Computing Revolution Will Be Televised (Again)  WEB  PDF
    By Ric Parkin
    30 years ago we had to plug our first computers into the TV. Ric Parkin looks at how far we’ve come since then.

  • Why Automatic Differentiation Won’t Cure Your Calculus Blues  WEB  PDF
    By Richard Harris
    We’ve tried and rejected many numerical approaches to differentiation. Richard Harris has one final attempt.

  • Back to School  WEB  PDF
    By Andy Thomas
    The Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be 30 years old in April 2012. Andy Thomas recalls how this plucky little home computer shaped his childhood.

  • Valgrind Part 1 - Introduction  WEB  PDF
    By Paul Floyd
    Good analysis tools can really help track down problems. Paul Floyd investigates the facilities from a suite of tools.

  • Mutation Testing  WEB  PDF
    By Filip van Laenen
    We all know that testing improves our code, guarding against errors. Filip van Laenen asks how we know that the tests are comprehensive?

  • Unit Testing Compilation Failure  WEB  PDF
    By Pete Barber
    We usually test that our code does what we expect. Pete Barber tries to prove that his code fails to compile.

  • Refactoring Towards Seams in C++  WEB  PDF
    By Michael Rüegg
    Breaking dependencies in existing code is hard. Michael Rüegg explains how seams can help and provides new automated refactorings for C++ to achieve them.

  • Compiling a Static Web Site Using the C Preprocessor  WEB  PDF
    By Sergey Ignatchenko
    Sometimes the obvious way is still too complex. Sergey Ignatchenko relates how ‘No Bugs’ Bunny found an unexpectedly simple approach to creating a web site.

  • A Position on Running Interference in Languages  WEB  PDF
    By Teedy Deigh
    There is much debate about the merits of different approaches to type systems. Teedy Deigh considers how to make the most of them.

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