Beyond ACCU... Patterns on the 'net

Beyond ACCU... Patterns on the 'net

By John Merrells

Overload, 6(27):, August 1998


This site alone is enough to keep you occupied all month, as long as you can do without eating or sleeping.

C++ and OOP articles by Bjarne Stroustrup can be downloaded.

  • A brief look at C++

  • A Perspective on ISO C++

  • What is "Object-Oriented Programming"?

  • Why C++ is not just an Object-Oriented Programming Language.

The site also has software tools that can be acquired, usually by Universities.

The Role of Patterns in Enterprise Architecture

A collection of STL links.

Object FAQ. An ambitious web site that is being built around a FAQ.

Article source

BYTE articles archive. There are plenty of "brochure-ware" web sites for magazines but this seems to be one of the useful sites.

Bulk sites

These are sites providing masses of links or huge archives of files.

Plenty of material to keep UK web surfers occupied, this site is invaluable when the internet slows down to a crawl.

"The developer information site" by Christopher Sokol, a gold mine of links for archives & languages.

A large archive of files, not just for development. I found it easier to navigate by using

It covers Linux, Mac-OS, MS-Dos, NeXTStep, OS/2, Unix and Windows

An Internet Standards repository. This set of RFCs define how the internet interoperates.

Intel has a web site for developers. Strangely Intel is offering free CD copies of its website. I think this kind of behaviour should be encouraged - instead of having common downloads clogging up the internet, free CDs and magazine CDs are a good distribution medium.

Compiler resources

Free compiler list can be searched or viewed by category. Worth visiting and searching for key items of interest - you may stumble across something you ought to know about. Unfortunately it is no longer being maintained...

Good source of Watcom C/C++ links.

GNU-Win32 - NT/95 port of the GNU development tools.

The GNU-Win32 tools are Win32 ports of the popular GNU development tools for Windows NT and 95. They function through the use of the Cygwin32 library which provides a UNIX-like API on top of the Win32 API.

  • Develop Win32 console or GUI applications, using the Win32 API.

  • Port significant UNIX programs to Windows NT/95 with few changes.

  • Use many common UNIX utilities (from the bash shell or the standard Win32 shell).

Next issue... Java ?

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