And the Winners Are...

And the Winners Are...

By Frances Buontempo

Overload, 32(179):8, February 2024

In Overload 178 and CVu 35.6, we invited you to vote for your favourite articles both in Overload and CVu (which is our sister publication for members). The results are in.



First place rosette

Floating-Point Comparison
(Paul Floyd, in Overload 173)


Second place rosette

Use SIMD: Save the Planet
(Andrew Drakeford, in Overload 178)

Live and Let Die
(Martin Janzen, in Overload 177)



First place rosette

Are the Old Ways Sometimes the Best?
(Roger Orr, in CVu 35.4)


Second place rosette

Care About the Code
(Pete Goodliffe, in CVu 35.2)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, and to those who wrote the articles. We can’t offer a prize – just the mention here.

A number of other writers got a vote, so if you wrote something for us, someone probably thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say.

If you’re reading this online, the article titles link to the articles. Overload articles are publicly available, but you must be a member (and logged in) to access the CVu ones.

If you’re not a member yet, why not join?

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