By Mike Toms

Overload, 2(4):, February 1994

In Issue 5, I will be attempting to compare and contrast the various C++ compilers (and environments) available. If you have any pet hates or likes about your particular compiler, I would like to hear from you ASAP.

With the take off of Object Technology and the interest generated within the commercial world, C++ is probably the current forerunner in this game. But what of COBOL 97 - the OO-COBOL for the future. Is this going to be a serious contender in the OO market-place. After all, the great majority of code already written is in COBOL, and there are more COBOL programmers than C/C++ programmers. Is there anyone brave enough to dismiss OO-COBOL? After all, it is likely to become an accepted standard before the ISO/ANSI C++ standard is published!

I am still disappointed by the lack of response by the members. We have a few who contribute regularly, and the vast majority who don't. Should you encounter a problem in your day-to-day programming and find a 'nice' solution to the problem, please put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and tell everyone. There may be many who say that there are better ways of solving the problem (some of which may be of use to you) but there will be many more who will learn from your achievements. Don't be shy, WRITE!!!!

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