Editor's Ramble

Editor's Ramble

By Mike Toms

Overload, 2(4):, February 1994

Well another Overload eventually finished. This should have been done in January, but as usual work pressures have not allowed me the time required to write much.

This year is the "Year of raising code standards" as far as the ACCU is concerned (I still have the urge to write CUG). With this in mind, a copy of the "Ellemtel Telecommunication Systems Laboratories Programming in C++ Rules and Recommendations" has been provided on one of the disks. This is an excellent document, and I commend Ellemtel for allowing this document to be publically available. I hope many of you will write in with comments on the ideas / rules / recommendations contained in this document.

In future editions I will be looking in detail at some of the rules that I think need to be brought to programmers attention.

On the same disk is a zipped up copy of the NIH Class Library. There are many of opportunities for articles to be written about the use of this class library, either about specific classes or about the NIH class structure as a whole. Volunteers please!!

It has been suggested to me by Francis that I should not be writing most of the magazine, but co-ordinating and editing the magazine. I am taking up his suggestion of publishing a list of titles that I want readers to volunteer to write.

  1. Use of the keyword Const
  2. Use of the keyword Static
  3. A volunteer to continue the 'Streams' series
  4. A modem stream
  5. Exception handling
  6. Run Time Type Identification (RTTI)
  7. The Booch Method
  8. OMT
  9. Writing Games with C++
  10. Multiple Inheritance
  11. Design Tools - useful or not
  12. Why use virtual destructors
  13. Using file streams with OWL (1/2)
  14. Any commercial experiences of using C++
  15. A variety of subjects under the heading of class struggle.

Anyone wishing to conduct an e-mail interview should contact me first. I have a number of people who I would like to interview, but do not have the time. Anyone with access directly or indirectly to the Internet who are interested, contact me.

This is not an exclusive list, so if you have any other good ideas, write to me!

One of the side effects of getting Overload out late is that some of the news items that I promised to go in this edition have passed their 'sell-by date' and have had to be removed. I want to make a special apology to Object Spektrum magazine. I was hoping to help publicise its launch at the beginning of February. I wish you every success with the magazine. Please could one of the German members who attended the 'birds-of-feather' session please send me some words about it.

If there is anyone with a masochistic tendency and would like to be responsible for putting Overload into its final photo ready form please get in touch with me quickly. The person need not be a C++ expert, only accomplished in the black art of MS-Word; this will enable me to get the copies out in better time, so don't be shy, if you think you could handle the job, are slightly insane and have more than a few hours spare......

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