Study Groups FAQs

Study groups are set up by ACCU members to learn or improve some software development skill - coding skills, team leadership, mentoring, analysis and design, specification or any other aspect of software development.

There's no fixed format for a study project. Past projects have included, for example, a beginners Python course, where experienced Python developers coached those new to the language. Book study projects have also been popular. Others still have had one person acting as a "customer" commissioning a piece of work from a group.

As an ACCU member you might consider setting up or joining a project if you have a skill you want to develop or improve or you have a skill you could mentor others in. ACCU can provide logistical support in the way of project mailing lists or wikis. We can also negotiate discounts on books you might use.

To get involved - to join a project, set one up, or simply see what's going on - visit the Study Groups area in the members section of the site (requires login).

  1. Do I have to be an ACCU member to join an ACCU Study Group?
  2. Yes. Participation in all ACCU Study Groups requires ACCU membership. You can join the ACCU here.

  3. How can I be informed about ACCU Study Group activities?
  4. To be informed about ACCU Study Group activities, sign up to the general accu-study-groups mailing list. You can sign up here.

  5. How do I join a specific ACCU Study Group?
  6. To join a specific Study Group, either sign up to its mailing list you obtained from messages on the general study group mailing list, or sign up to the study group's mailing list you find in the list with current study groups section on the members' study groups page (requires login).

  7. How do I start a new ACCU Study Group?
  8. To start a new ACCU Study Group, email your idea to the study group coordinator. Then see if there's enough enthusiasm to really start such a sudy group. Once enough interest in the idea has surfaced, make a request to have a mailing list set up for the study group.

  9. What does leading an ACCU Study Group entail?
  10. Generally, the person who starts a study group becomes its facilitator or guide and is the person who decides on the project structure, the material to be studied, assigns people to chapters or tasks, promotes discussion and then periodically reminds people of their turn to contribute. The guide also has moderation rights on the group's mailing list. This doesn't all have to be done by one person, there can be a pair of you and you can split the tasks. It's really not much work though.

    Here are additional things you might consider:

    • Publish the schedule on a wiki, or as a Google document, for easy reference.
    • Keep an up-to-date website, blog, wiki, etc. on the project.
    • Write regular updates for the C Vu journal.

Page last changed 23 May 2020.

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