Charter of the accu-contacts Mailing List

The mailing list accu-contacts has been created as a self-help group for ACCU members seeking or offering employment opportunities. This is a moderated list for ACCU members only.

Only ACCU members may submit mailings. Only one mailing per week may be submitted, but this may contain more than one employment opportunity. Each employment opportunity must contain accurate and full details, including the location of the job (to the nearest town), the experience required, skills required, a realistic salary range, and a useful description of the job functions. Preferably, it should be made clear who the employer is, although in the case of members who are Agencies, this will not be enforceable.

Only corporate members may post vacancies on behalf of another company, e.g.: members who are Agencies must be corporate members to be able to post vacancies to the accu-contacts list. Individual members are welcome to post vacancies within the company they work for.

The moderator will ensure that mailings are clear and readable. Overlong signatures will be trimmed, and meaningful Subject: lines will be enforced. Binaries and advertising are not permitted. No messages greater than 40Kb will be accepted. Messages should be word-wrapped under 80 characters and sent as plain text containing no HTML.

Rejected mailings will be returned with a short explanation of the problems, and suggestions for their correction. The moderator reserves the right to alter the article to correct errors in formatting or grammar, but will make no changes that alter the meaning of the original message without the consent of the original poster.

Moderator Policy Statement

The Moderator may edit messages to remove ASCII art, overlong signatures, provide meaningful Subject: lines, remove HTML formatting, or add comments that enhance the clarity of the message as they see fit. A moderator will not however make any changes to the message that alter it's original meaning without the consent of the original poster.

The moderator claims absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy, safety, legality, completeness or morality for the contents of, or links contained within any mailing that appears on the list.

Anonymous Posting facility

If you wish to remain anonymous when posting, send your message to accu-contacts-anon (at) You will be allocated an email address of the form: accu-anon-012345 (at) Your mail will be forwarded to accu-contacts with all the original headers (including Message-ID) stripped out.

Replies sent directly to your anonymous email address are automatically redirected to your real email address. Not even the moderator will know your real identity.

If you use the Anonymous Posting facility, please don't include your name, address or signature in the body of the message, as an automated script is often used to approve postings and your name may then be inadvertently revealed.

Use of the anonymous facility is disallowed for those posting on behalf of a third party, e.g.: a company may post anonymously for an internal vacancy, but not if posting vacancies on behalf of another company.

Page last changed 14 June 2020.

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