REVIEW - 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know


97 Things Every Programmer Should Know


Edited by Kevlin Henney


O’Reilly Media (2010)




Ian Bruntlett


March 2022



Verdict: Highly Recommended

To quote this book’s blurb, “Tap into the wisdom of experts to learn what every programmer should know, no matter what language you use”. I’ve read a number of these books - like The Pragmatic Programmer or The Kollected Kode Vicious – that are compilations of insightful articles about Software Development. Stumbling around for a genre name, I’ll call it dev lit. Many of the people involved in this work are familiar to me from the ACCU. In the case of this book, it is part of a series – comprising of 97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know, 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know, and 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know to name a few. The list of the 97 articles included can be found on the book’s webpage.

The articles are sorted alphabetically. The standard Contents section is supplemented by a Contributions by Category section, with 19 categories ranging from Bugs and Fixes through to Users and Customers.

Some books require heavy, contiguous, chunks of time to get the most out of them. Thanks to the brevity of the articles, you can dip in and out of the text at your convenience.

To conclude, I agree with the book’s blurb and highly recommend taking time to read it.


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