REVIEW - An Introduction to GCC - For the GNU Compilers Gcc and G++


An Introduction to GCC

For the GNU Compilers Gcc and G++


Brian Gough, Richard M. Stallman



Network Theory. (2004)




Ian Bruntlett


January 2009



This book is a good introduction to GNU C/C++ let down by three serious omissions: a) it does not show you how to use gdb to debug programs; b) it overlooks make , a critical tool for non-trivial applications; c) it omits to mention the -Weffc++ compiler option that warns about violations of the style guidelines from Scott Meyer's Effective C++ book.

On the other hand, it does provide information about useful system utilities:

  • l file - list details about an executable;
  • l nm - list an executable/object file's symbol table / name table;
  • l ldd - list an executable/object file's dynamically linked libraries;
  • l gcov - GNU coverage testing tool; and
  • l gprof - GNU profiler

Verdict: Print a copy for yourself - I would not buy it until the next edition appears hopefully covering the omitted topics. (GNU Free documentation downloadable from

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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