REVIEW - Game Physics


Game Physics


David H. Eberly, Ken Shoemake



Morgan Kaufmann (2004)




Paul F Johnson


August 2006



This book is not for those with a weak constitution. If your maths is not up to muster, then don't go near the book - you plain won't be able to understand it. I didn't on the first read and I teach maths! However, if you are a games programmer and want to ensure your games realism is as good as real life, then you must have this book. It is fantastic!

For the uninitiated, games physics governs how a bullet arcs, how the speed drops over time and the likes of terminal velocity when it comes into contact with a non-air body. And that's at a simple level.

The maths in the book is enough to scare most, but thankfully, the explanations are clear and consise with all of the terms used defined. There are also plenty of code examples, so the cold maths become simpler for the programmer to understand (and use) as it is in a form they can understand. The source is also on the cover mount CD.

The book steers clear of any platform issues (everything will compile on gcc, VC++, Intel C++ and nVidias cg compiler). It is purely for the physics.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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