REVIEW - Home Networking - A Visual Do-it-yourself Guide


Home Networking

A Visual Do-it-yourself Guide


Brian Underdahl



Cisco Systems (2004)




Ian Bruntlett


December 2006



In this book's favour, it is a slim volume with plenty of practical examples and helpful photographs, split up into three manageable parts (Introduction, Starting your network, Enhancing your network). It discusses wired networks, wireless networks and combinations of the two. It is a partisan work, however - always recommending a "Linksys model X" or a "Linksys model Y" etc. throughout the book. In terms of doing the reader favours, though, it falls flat on its face. True, this book is the best I've seen so far in terms of introducing a reader to the topic but this book lacks both a glossary and a further reading section. I feel that Cisco Press should commission a follow up book that digs a bit deeper and discusses the protocols involved.

Verdict: Excellent introduction, technological dead end.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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