REVIEW - Unix&Shell Programming


Unix&Shell Programming


B Forouzan&R Gilberg




Thomson ()




Paul F. Johnson


February 2005



well structured with clear and concise explanations

I have considered Linux and UNIX shell scripting akin to code optimisation - a black art that you either can or cannot do. I think the reason has been that all the books I have read consider the reader to be almost an expert to begin with. This book does not.

It assumes nothing other than knowing what a shell is. No requirement for being a perl guru or such. Being able to use an editor of your choice, and being able to use chmod is all that is required. Simple.

The book is very well structured with clear and concise explanations on how to write scripts. Even complex scripts are covered, when the authors patiently explain what is happening. As the reader has probably never done any form of shell scripting the authors have taken the approach of teaching a secure way and following best practice for scripts.

I really enjoyed reading this book - and I do not say that very often!

The only down point are the end of chapter review questions. While correctly pitched, sometimes the actual reason for asking a question is lost and this can be confusing. That said, I only recall seeing such questions less than 5 times in the whole of the book, so it is not a big problem.

Given the growth of Linux on the desktop (and the projected growth for 2005/6), I would suggest anyone wanting to gain employment in this ever growing sector should get this book. Study it well; it will stand you in good stead. Highly Recommended

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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