REVIEW - Always Use Protection - A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing


Always Use Protection

A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing


Dan Appleman


Apress (2004)




Francis Glassborow


December 2005



Here is a quote from the 'Introduction to Parents' It's not enough for teens to know not to give out their personal information online or to arrange to meet with strangers. Teens today need to understand the fundamentals of computer security. They need to know how to protect their computers and privacy. They need to know about programs they download that might spy on their activities. They need to know how to protect their passwords and why.

My only quarrel with that is that it should not be limited to teens. Every computer user needs the fundamentals of safe computing. It is not just teenagers who download attractive but dangerous programs. Indeed, adults can be much more seriously damaged.

The book is well written and covers the subject well without expecting much by the way of specialist understanding. If you are using a Windows based machine and can surf the Internet you have enough technical knowledge and a relevant machine. Buy a copy for your teenage child, nephew, niece or the daughter of a friend. Then read it before you wrap it up, unless you are an expert on safe usage of Windows based PCs you will learn something useful.

The big downside for this book is that it is Windows specific (actually not too big a downside because a high proportion of malware is targeted at that category of PC. There is also a slight issue with the book being US centric but not one that I find seriously detracting from the value of this excellent book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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