REVIEW - Firefox&Thunderbird Garage


Firefox&Thunderbird Garage


Chris Hoffman et al




Prentice Hall ()



Francis Glassborow


December 2005



I am not going to write very much about this book because its subject matter is off topic for programmers as programmers. Of course programmers are almost always intensive and possibly sophisticated users of the Internet and so browsers and email applications are going to be of interest to them.

Two of the three authors of this book have been extensively involved in the development of Firefox (a browser) and Thunderbird (an email and news application). The third author (John Hedtke)is a technical author with a wealth of experience and a couple of dozen books to his name as well as hundreds of other pieces of technical writing (manuals, help systems and articles).

In effect, this book is the documentation for the two products from Mozilla. As the products themselves come free, paying something for the documentation seems reasonable.

The contents appear to be accurate and well written. I am rather under-whelmed by some aspects of the presentation of the material and really do not like some of the typefaces being used. Perhaps that is more a reflection on my age than anything that is fundamentally wrong.

If you use either of the products and would like to use them better, this book is worth a look and as computer books go, the price is not too outrageous.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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