REVIEW - PSP - A Self-improvement Process for Software Engineers



A Self-improvement Process for Software Engineers


Watts S. Humphrey



Addison-Wesley Professional (2005)




Francis Glassborow


December 2005



The author opens the Preface with: The record of most development groups is poor, but the record of software groups is particularly bad. The next paragraph starts: It is tempting to blame others for our difficulties, but a victim like attitude doesn't solve problems.

The Personal Software Process described in this book is the author's attempt to provide a process that will result in your improvement. You may wish to argue with the detail but if you want to reject all attempts at improving the individual performance then you do not belong in the world of software development.

One of the benefits of reading this book is that the principles can be applied on an individual basis. Even if you are a lone programmer who has to do it all, applying the principles outlined in this book will lead to progressive improvement in the quality of your work.

Before you make up your mind (and, no, I cannot justify the space needed for a complete over-view of this book) surf over If you are not already involved in some professional development programme you should give very serious consideration to reading this book and acting on it. If you already have a professional development process in place, you still might be able to refine and improve it by reading this book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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