REVIEW - Mono Kick Start


Mono Kick Start


Hans-Jürgen Schönig, Ewald Geschwinde



Sams Publishing (2004)




Paul F. Johnson


October 2004



With the exception of the chapters on Qt# and GTK# and the simpler reading style, there really is not anything to recommend this book over any other beginners C# book.

This book really does suffer due to it's age - and it's not that old which on one hand is quite worrying, but on the other does say something about the speed of development of Novell's Mono package.

Even the GTK# code has large problems in that some of it does not compile and some is very much out of date. There are no updates on the Sams website either to correct the mistakes which makes this book even less use for the C# beginner. The Qt# material is easily missed as there really is not very much of it.

This is all quite a pity as the book itself is very easy to read, but in itself, that is not enough for the price. Not Recommended

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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