REVIEW - Automating UNIX and Linux Administration


Automating UNIX and Linux Administration


Kirk Bauer



Apress (2003)




Paul F. Johnson


February 2004



If you're a sysadmin - get this book, you won't be sorry.

While automating a system is the dream of all sysadmins, there is such a thing as too much automation. Thankfully, this book recognises it.

It covers just about everything a sysadmin needs to know, using the common Unix/Linux tool-chain available to all as well as the pitfalls and how to ensure your systems stay secure.

It is based around the RedHat flavour of Linux (which is even better for me given my servers at work are all RedHat 9 or Fedora boxes) and demonstrates how to get the best out of the system. The book also covers the sticky subject of if to patch or install from fresh to building an RPM environment.

If you're a sysadmin - get this book, you won't be sorry. Highly Recommended.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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