REVIEW - Fun Web Pages with Javascript


Fun Web Pages with Javascript


John Shelley



Bambini Computer Books (2002)




Paul F. Johnson


December 2004



JavaScript is one of those things you either like or dislike. In one respect, it brings interactivity to the Internet. On other hand, due to vendors implementing JavaScript differently it makes cross-browser compatibility troublesome. Then you have the additional problem of graceful degradation for non-JS browsers. Such are the pleasures of Internet programming.

The Babani range is cheap, cheerful and surprisingly good. Fun Web Pages is no exception. It is assumed you know nothing at the start and takes you through the language. Even better the code has been tested on the main web-browsers and is new enough to be happy with the newest of Internet standards.

The book's strength is that everything is clearly explained and does not try to baffle the reader with the complexities. It even takes security and security issues seriously.

Where it falls down though is that interfacing to SQL is not covered neither are other newer technologies. Cookies, form validation and transparencies are in the book and well documented.

The questions are taxing enough to be enjoyable and make the reflective process of what you have learned.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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