REVIEW - Java Oracle Database Development


Java Oracle Database Development


David J. Gallardo



Prentice Hall Ptr (2003)




James Gordon


February 2004



Filled with simple to understand examples

Being an Oracle developer and heavily into Java I loved this book.

It assumes nothing and starts out easily, explaining the tools, database and a simple guide to tables and data types.

It even gives an overview of SQL and PL/SQL just in case.

After that firm foundation, just in case you needed it, it moves onto object-relational and object features and an introduction to JDBC.

The progression in then to advanced JDBC and J2EE persistence, followed by the use of Enterprise Java Beans and object-relational mapping s to Java Data Objects.

All in all a very good book. Filled with simple to understand examples and the output they generate, which is always a good thing.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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