REVIEW - Beyond Software Architecture - Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions


Beyond Software Architecture

Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions


Luke Hohmann



Addison-Wesley Professional (2003)




Pete Goodliffe


February 2004



thought provoking, readable, and accessible.

Just what we need - another book on software architecture! Surely it has all been said already? Well, no - this is a good book, endorsed by Martin Fowler. If it's anything to go by, the rest of the Addison Wesley "Signature Series" is probably worth a look.

This is not a traditional book on software architecture. As the title implies, it goes beyond the standard descriptions of system design, to investigate the issues that drive successful software architecture.

Hohmann shows how software architecture ties in with the realities of product development, and describes how successful architectures marry technical concerns with the real commercial pressures of the marketplace. He details pragmatic approaches to a number of key issues, including: licensing, portability, branding, and upgrading/deployment.

The tone is authoritative; the author writes insightfully, with a clear depth of knowledge and experience. It is thought provoking, readable, and accessible.

Who should read this book? It has a definite thrust towards software professionals making Real World decisions. It is applicable to engineers designing software systems, and also valuable to those who manage such projects. Highly recommended.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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