REVIEW - Red Hat Linux 8 For Dummies


Red Hat Linux 8 For Dummies


Jon Hall, Paul G. Sery



For Dummies (2002)




Ian Bruntlett


April 2004



Includes Publisher Edition of Red Hat Linux 2 CDs containing GNU compiler, Apache, Gnome& KDE. According to the back page this book needs a Pentium class PC with 32MB RAM CD drive and 650MB-2.5GB of hard disk capacity however according to p343 at least a 200MHz Pentium is required.

This book's blurb states "Install and start using Red Hat Linux today - no experience required" and "Includes Red Hat 8 Publisher's Edition on two CD ROMs". Well this is wrong in terms of experience required - this book is an impressive piece of work but any Unix/Linux neophyte armed with this book will need a lot of patience or will have a friend with system administration experience.

At the front of the book is a tear out reference card (covering vi, system administration, file permissions and some popular commands). It is quite useful but it lets itself down by missing key bits of information out.

If you have an old PC that can't boot from CDROM then this book is worthless. The money spent on buying this book would have been better off spent buying a full version of Linux, spending time looking through HOWTOs and MAN pages and buying a book like Running Linux which has more trouble shooting than this book has.

The full review of this book takes up 1500 words and should be viewed on the ACCU website before making a decision to buy this book.Databases

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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