REVIEW - Effective Project Management - Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid


Effective Project Management

Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid


Robert K. Wysocki


John Wiley & Sons (2003)




Giovanni Asproni


April 2004



This book is about general project management techniques. The target readership is mainly practicing project managers, and teachers of project management at a university or college level.

It comes with a CD containing a trial version of MS Project 2002 plus some bonus material.

The book is structured in three main parts: the first part, is about traditional project management; the second part is about adaptive and extreme project management-according to the authors, these are new management techniques influenced by the agile software development community; the final part is about some organizational considerations, in particular project portfolio management, that is about company level strategies for project prioritisation and funding to achieve predetermined investment objectives.

I think this book is not a good buy for the following reasons.

It is difficult to use for self-study: the explanations are superficial, and, even if there is a bibliography section, the references to existing literature in the rest of the book are rare.

It is difficult to use as a reference: it is written to be read from cover to cover.

It is verbose: many concepts that could be easily explained with a simple picture, are introduced using wordy definitions-an example of that, is the definition of GANTT chart at page 119 (the first picture of it appears at page 220).

Finally, it has not enough examples, and the case study is not really helpful-it must be completely worked out by the reader, and neither the book nor CD have any hints about possible solutions to it.

Not recommended.OS

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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