REVIEW - A Requirements Pattern - Succeeding in the Internet Economy


A Requirements Pattern

Succeeding in the Internet Economy


Patricia L. Ferdinandi



Addison-Wesley Professional (2002)




Michael Pont


June 2003



I found this book extremely difficult to fathom. The title - and table of contents - led me to expect a book of patterns for requirements engineering. That is, I expected to find a book along the lines of 'Design Patterns' by Erich Gamma et al., or 'Analysis Patterns' by Martin Fowler. In fact, there is pattern collection in this book, but it is 'hidden' in Appendix D and occupies only 20 pages out of a total of around 500.

In place of the pattern collection I had expected, this book consists of nine, rather long, chapters describing techniques that are intended to help the reader 'succeed in the Internet economy'.

Overall, I was perplexed by both the structure and contents of 'A Requirements Pattern'. I'm sure that Ferdinandi has considerable experience in the field of requirements engineering. However, I did not feel that she succeeded in communicating her experience to me through this book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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