REVIEW - Symbian OS Communications Programming


Symbian OS Communications Programming


Michael J. Jipping



Wiley (2002)




Ralph McArdell


June 2003



Symbian OS Communications Programming focuses on adding communications services such as Bluetooth, WAP or telephony to Symbian OS applications.

It is written in a clear and accessible manner and gives perspective to the Symbian OS support for communications that you do not get by just reading the SDK documentation. The layout is logical with most communications technologies being covered in enough detail to get you up and running. Copiouspointers to further information are provided with the occasional question to make sure you are still awake. Where source code is shown only enough is reproduced to illustrate the point with the full source code for the examples available online.

On the other hand little space is given to Symbian OS programming in general so this would not be the only Symbian OS reference required to develop for this platform and other Symbian OS titles also cover communications, though not necessarily in as much detail. The version of the Symbian OS discussed - version 6.1 - although still very much in use has already been superseded. As a result some topics such as GPRS, which has limited support in version 6.1, do not get detailed coverage.

This book worked well for me as someone new to Symbian OS development. However, due to the review deadline requirements this was the first Symbian title I read. If you are developing for the Symbian platform and need more communications knowledge than your existing references provide then take a look at this book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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