REVIEW - GDI+ Programming - Creating Custom Controls Using C♯


GDI+ Programming

Creating Custom Controls Using C♯


Eric White



Wrox Press (2002)




Duncan Kimpton


October 2003



This is quite a weighty book that tries to cover a lot of ground: GDI+, Custom Controls, ASP.Net Controls and Web Services.

The book is well laid out with appropriate use of screen shots and code samples.

Early on the writing style seems obfuscated by rolling the introductions to all sections into one chapter. However once the author gets into his stride and begins to concentrate on the topic at hand then the style becomes fluid and easy to read.

The section on GDI+ is exceptionally well written and leaves almost nothing to be desired in terms of an introductory text.

.Net Custom controls are covered succinctly and build upon the GDI+ material, however if I were being highly critical I would have been happier with a little greater depth of study.

ASP.Net and Web services are covered sparingly, but the author manages to get across enough of the basics that it will serve as a good springboard for further study.

Attention to detail and consistency of style are a big bonus for this book, which makes it much easier to absorb the information presented.

Whilst I feel that the content of this book might have been better handled as two separate books I cannot deny that the author has done a superb job with the space available to him.

This book will be taking a well-earned place on my reference shelf and is worth every penny of its cover price.

Highly recommendedJava

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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