REVIEW - Even Grues Get Full - The Fourth User Friendly Collection


Even Grues Get Full

The Fourth User Friendly Collection


Illiad, JD Frazer



O'Reilly (2003)




Francis Glassborow


October 2003



Sometimes O'Reilly lets its hair down and publishes a book just for enjoyment. This is the fourth collection of Illiad's cartoons that they have published. I think you need to know some computer jargon to appreciate all the humour but if you are reading this then you should qualify in that department. So the two remaining questions are whether you find his cartoons amusing or even funny and whether you want them in book form. If the answer is yes to both those, then this is the book for you. (Might be a suitable Christmas present)

If you have never come across Illiad's work (shame on you) try looking at


Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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