REVIEW - Embedded Systems Dictionary


Embedded Systems Dictionary


Jack G. Ganssle, Michael Barr



Elsevier (2003)




Francis Glassborow


October 2003



Note that this is a dictionary, and that is exactly what it is. It covers words, phrases and acronyms that might be met in the context of embedded systems, defining them in that context or related ones. For example looking up 'yield' we find:

yield 1. v. To offer use of the CPU to another task that is ready to run.

2. n. The percentage of good die on a wafer. IC vendors test each die, with the sure knowledge that some percentage of them will not pass. Mature manufacturing processes with smaller chips give high yields; very dense parts or those made with new processes could result in yields less than 50%.

As far as I can see the book gives a very good coverage of the area with good definitions. The pronunciations are, of course, American but I can live with that. I can envisage this book being exactly what the newcomer to embedded systems needs to avoid irritating his/her colleagues with requests for explanations. When a team leader tells you that you need some JK flip-flops it is probably not a good career move to ask which clothing shop stocks that brand.

The real expert will have little use for this book, but I would recommend it to others that have to talk with such experts. Like all dictionaries it will spend much time sitting on your shelf but it is comforting to have it there to grab when you need an explanation of some piece of 'jargon'.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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