REVIEW - Google Hacks


Google Hacks


Tara Calishain, Rael Dornfest



O'Reilly (2003)




Francis Glassborow


June 2003



This is an interesting book that will extend your understanding of how you can use Google. It will tell you about many things that are not immediately obvious to the casual user of Google. For example it will tell you about the GooglePeople engine located at
. Using that can be both informative at times and funny at other times. I tried 'Who is Francis Glassborow' and received the response 'I am not sure but one of these might help.' and that was followed with a list headed by Andrew Koenig. I wish I had checked that before the ACCU Spring Conference 2003 because it would have given me a great opening line to presenting Andy's keynote for him.

While I think that O'Reilly are guilty of over publishing at the moment (too many books on niche subjects) I think this one deserves to sell well. If you want to improve your use of the net for information this book might help you.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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