REVIEW - C++ Pocket Reference


C++ Pocket Reference


Kyle Loudon


O'Reilly (2003)




Francis Glassborow


August 2003



I hope you do not have very many expectations for a small format (11cm by 17.5 cm) 130 page book. C++ is a big language so I would have hoped that the author would have carefully researched what it is that a typical user would want to be able to look up. I would also have expected consistency of presentation. For example why does he not give the specified minimum range for the various integer types? Why does he mix decimal values with hexadecimal? Why does he provide information about C-style strings but nothing about C++


This book is not useless but it could have been very much more useful had it been written with more research and more attention to detail.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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