REVIEW - Data Analysis for Database Design


Data Analysis for Database Design


David Howe



Butterworth-Heinemann (2001)




Asad Altimeemy


June 2003



This is a very good guide for a beginner in data base analysis and design and indirectly useful to practitioners of object-oriented analysis. Concepts of ER data model are explained in a very easy and clear way. The book follows a very good and fundamental approach to data analysis and design. Although it is a small book, it covers all the important concepts of data analysis and design.

The book is much more suitable for self-study than most. Every section of each chapter ends with useful questions and exercises. Suggested answers and solutions are at the end of the chapters.

The sections Part 2: Relational Modelling and Part 3: Entity-Relationship Modelling are the heart of the book. Howe's treatment of these two topics is very good. However, Part 4: Implementation shows how to do physical database design for a network-style (CODASYL) database management system. This has little practical value, as CODASYL-compliant DBMS products are a bit out of date. But even this material will be useful to OODBMS designers. Just substitute 'collection' or 'container' (an OOD concept) for 'set' (a CODASYL concept) and you will be well on your way.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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