REVIEW - Palm Programming for the Absolute Beginner


Palm Programming for the Absolute Beginner


Andrew Harris



Cengage Learning (2001)




James Gordon


June 2002



It says it's for the 'Absolute Beginner' and it certainly is. It takes nothing for granted and leads you from hot synching the compiler to your Palm and writing your first 'Hello World' program and running it.

If you've never programmed before then it's worth starting right from the beginning. If, like me, it's just that you've never programmed for the Palm before then the first number of chapters can be skim read or missed altogether. Later chapters go into more detail about controls, databases and a lot more all in the context of games but most of it would still be useful for people writing application for other areas.

The book contains a CD that has the source of the book, a compiler, text editor, HTML docs for the Palm and a load of shareware games to install. All you need to start programming on the Palm.

I almost gave up on the book as too simple and then remembered the title. As I kept on reading I enjoyed the book more and more and found it useful.

If you want a 'right from the start' type book for the Palm then this book will be an excellent choice. If however you want to get straight into the meat of the subject then maybe another book aiming a little higher would be better.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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