REVIEW - Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference


Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference


Darl Kuhn, Scott Schulze



O'Reilly (2001)




James Gordon


April 2002



As with all these pocket reference books knowledge of the subject is helpful before hand but with that knowledge these books really work well. Being small they easily fit into a briefcase or folder to carry around as a quick reference when you don't have the online documents or the full Oracle Backup& recovery Manuals or just want to quickly remind yourself of the syntax.

It covers all aspects of RMAN from backing up to restores, recovery of the database, tablespaces and read-only tablespaces and everything in-between. The syntax is clearly laid out and enough description to get you through all but the most problematic situations. The scripts are in Unix but no doubt could be converted to Windows easily. It also points out changes in syntax and functionality between Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i.

If you use RMAN then I suggest that you get this book.


Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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