REVIEW - XSLT&XPATH A Guide to XML Transformations


XSLT&XPATH A Guide to XML Transformations


John Robert Gardner&Zarella L Rendon




Prentice Hall ()


558pp + CD


Chris Czarnecki


April 2002



This book provides an excellent introduction to transforming and manipulating XML using XSLT. Knowledge of XML is assumed. The book begins by introducing the core concepts in a short chapter and rapidly moves into the detail. The structure is logical, covering XSLT stylesheet basics followed by an introduction to XPATH. Following these early chapters, which provide a solid foundation, further chapters are dedicated to more detailed and advanced topics such as using multiple stylesheets, working with variables and stylesheet flow control. The coverage of the XSLT and XPATH recommendations is thorough and the writing style is clear and concise.

Extremely useful for beginners to this area are the sections that discuss the various XSLT processors available including details of how to install and use these. The CD includes copies of 6 XSLT processors with hyperlinks to where the latest versions of these can be downloaded. In addition the XML, namespace, XSLT and XPATH standards as well as all the examples from the book are included.

In summary, for anyone wishing to learn and use XSLT and XPATH, this is an excellent book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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