REVIEW - Networking Essentials Flashcards


Networking Essentials Flashcards


Michael Moncur



O'Reilly (1998)




Dave Rutlidge


February 2001



This is an interesting product, taking an old revision or learning aid and applying it to a new topic. Basically it's a set of small flash cards with a keyword or a question on the front and the definition or answer on the back. I found some of the questions were a bit cryptic at times, but once I had gotused to the author's style, they were OK.

I'm not really very sure how helpful this product is. I guess that a lot depends on the subject area and ones own learning style and revision methods. Personally, I found it too boring to use for long, though the idea was a good one.

Now that Microsoft is to withdraw the exam for which this set was produced, one has to question its value. However, the core concepts and facts that make up the Network Essentials course remain foundational and will be integrated into other parts of the Windows 2000 MCSE stream.

This is not really a product I can recommend. It's certainly not something one would retain for reference purposes, though some people might find is useful as a revision aid.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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