REVIEW - Webmaster in a Nutshell


Webmaster in a Nutshell


Stephen Spainhour, Robert Eckstein



O'Reilly (1999)




Mike Mallett


August 2001



This book is highly recommended for those who have already got to grips with the subject.

Yet another title in the successful In a Nutshell series, this aims to bring together all the essential information in a single volume for Unix webmasters; although much of the content will also be relevant to webmasters working on other platforms.

This book concentrates on the crucial detail and as the author says 'If you want to lean more about the history of the Web, how to make your pages cool, the social impact of the Internet, or how to make money online, this is the wrong book'. Most of the book has been compiled from other O'Reilly titles, which are recommended for those who need a tutorial in the diverse topics. So it isn't a book to read from cover to cover but ideal to have to hand when working on a website.

The first chapter gives a short and sharp introduction to the Web before chapters with detailed references on; HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, CGI and Perl, PHP, HTTP and Apache Server configuration.

The final chapter adopts a different format to provide many interesting tips on increasing server performance.

This book is highly recommended for those who have already got to grips with the subject.

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Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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